Aug 11, 2022

[P3Dv5] - AU Australia v2 V2.1.3

 Australia v2 is a landclass-style region that brings together everything on a massive scale. Almost 700 airports have been upgraded or created from scratch, giving you the perfect opportunity to criss-cross the country in true VFR style. Coastlines, waterbodies, road, rail and powerline networks have been recreated from scratch, using the latest high-fidelity data to vastly improve accuracy and detail across the continent.  Towns, urban centres and other settlements have been reworked too; diversity, realism and accuracy greatly improve the immersion, whether that be flying cross-country long-haul or local VFR hops. Terrain elevation mesh has been brought to the next level; incorporating the latest data from the Australian Government, the new HD mesh makes a huge difference on both a small and large scale. In addition to these major re-workings, over 50 large-scale photoreal points of interest have been created from scratch to represent well-known geographical and man-made features. Mine sites, dry lakes, tidal water bodies, unusual geographical formations and more have been expertly edited, colourised and blended to the surrounding terrain. The largest of these features is the Great Barrier Reef; recreated in complete photoreal quality, this feature alone is larger than many of our existing regions!   The centrepiece of AUv2 is undoubtedly our high-definition Melbourne Cityscape. The inner suburbs of Melbourne have been lovingly brought to life in full photoreal detail. 30cm ground textures, complete custom modelling for CBD blocks, high-detail POI, beautifully hand-placed autogen vegetation, and stunning night lighting combine bringing to life the city that is, in many ways, the spiritual home for Orbx.

[P3Dv5] - Cityscape Brisbane V1.0.0

 Cityscape Brisbane is an exciting addition to our top-selling urban scenery series for Prepar3D, which includes locations such as Honolulu and Canberra.  Being one of the most popular destinations in Australia, this river city is known for its subtropical climate, alfresco lifestyle, and proximity to major tourist hotspots in Queensland.  Soak in the atmosphere as you fly above over more than 100 custom-made buildings and structures and discover this cosmopolitan destination in true Orbx style. Iconic landmarks include Brisbane Skytower, Suncorp Stadium, and The Gabba. Other key structures are the Riverside Expressway bridge system on the western side of the CBD and Story Bridge to the east.  Not content with having generic buildings surrounding our custom POIs, we’ve had Frank Schnibben, of Cityscape Honolulu and Sydney fame, fill in the entire downtown area with more than 4000 ‘CityEngine’ buildings that accurately portray their shapes, facades, and heights.

[P3Dv5] - Cityscape Sydney V1.1.0


From the acclaimed developer of Cityscape Sydney for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Frank Schnibben, this striking Prepar3D version builds on the original and adds ten times the coverage area and twice as many custom buildings!  Over 120 custom POIs have been recreated, including the iconic Opera House with its distinctive sail-like design, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which are the centre points of the scenery. Coupled with crisp 60cm imagery from Aerometrex that perfectly blends with AUv2, Cityscape Sydney is a major overhaul of the biggest city in Australia. The water colour and details bring to life the world-famous Bondi Beach, with its white sandy beach, and Coogee beach, along with the spectacular bespoke 3D cliffs between Bondi and South Head.  These improvements extend far beyond the primary coverage zone of the CBD. Major suburban centres such as Parramatta, Chatswood and many more have been replaced. Port Botany next to Sydney Airport has seen a major overhaul, with detailing and improvements to this landmark that is visible on all flights into and out of the airport.  This is a must-have for P3D simmers who want to soak in the beauty of the Emerald City




Aug 10, 2022

[P3Dv4/P3Dv5 ] - ORBX – EIDW Dublin Airport V1.3.0


Visit Dublin, the major airport of Ireland as well as a significant base for long haul flights to the USA as well as the Middle East.  Key Features Fully detailed rendition of Dublin airport and it’s surroundings Up to date ground layout and stands according to the real-world changes 25cm/pixel satellite resolution for the airport area 50cm/pixel satellite resolution for the approach area Mesh coverage for the airport surroundings Accurate and detailed airport infrastructure based on real sizes and dimensions Detailed AFCAD adjusted for AI addons More than 300 custom objects placed around the airport Over 72 000 accurately placed autogen buildings PBR implementation for taxiways and runways Full PBR implementation for the airport buildings Terminal interior model (simplified for maximum performance) Very realistic night lighting Optimized Dynamic Lightning SODE jetways and windsocks supported Fully working VGDS docking system for GSX users FTX Ireland compatible Orbx Global/Vector compatible



[P3Dv4/P3Dv5] - ORBX – GCTS Tenerife South Airport V3.0.1

 Dark night, cloudy approach with little turbulence… Check your terrain radar and make sure it’s always on. Keep safe sector altitude, you’re flying around highest Spanish mountain Teide which is 3718 meters (12 198 feet) high!  You’ve just made a safe landing to Tenerife South Airport located in the biggest of the Canary islands.  The airport inself carry over 10 milons passangers per year with more than 58 thousand operations. It was build to replace Tenerife North airport which due to worst localisation was difficult to approach to and land due to often fog.  Now it’s time to experience all of this in V5 with PBR! With newest technology used to develop this scenery we achieved stunning level of details keeping great performance and high FPS.  Key Features Fully detailed rendition of Tenerife South airport and island with up to date state Updated ground layout and stands according to real world changes 20cm/pixel satellite resolution for the airport area 45cm/pixel satellite resolution for the approach areas 80cm/pixel satellite resolution for the island 2 m/pixel mesh resolution for the whole island with detailed airport surrounding Accurate and detailed airport infrastructure based on real sizes and dimensions Detailed AFCAD adjusted for AI addons with custom approaches and navaids Many monuments and custom objects around the island PBR implementation for taxiways and runways PBR implementation of terminal glass PBR rain effects Thousands of custom placed autogen buildings all around the island Very realistic night lighting with directional taxiway centerline lights, runway speedway exit lights, approach lights including correct brightness and visibility conditions (day, night, weather,) Optimized Dynamic Lightning Compatible to all major traffic add-ons SODE jetways and windsocks supported Advanced, fully working VGDS docking system (require GSX or SODE VDGS pack) Optimized to take advantages of new P3D features

[P3Dv4/P3Dv5] - VHHH Hong Kong Intl Airport V1.2 (New Runway Update)

 Hong Kong International Airport (IATA: HKG, ICAO: VHHH) is Hong Kong’s main airport, built on reclaimed land on the island of Chek Lap Kok.  The airport is also referred to as Chek Lap Kok International Airport or Chek Lap Kok Airport, to distinguish it from its predecessor, the former Kai Tak Airport.  Having been in commercial operation since 1998, Chek Lap Kok Airport is an important regional trans-shipment center, passenger hub and gateway for destinations in China (with 45 destinations) and the rest of Asia.  The airport is the world’s busiest cargo gateway and one of the world’s busiest passenger airports. It is also home to one of the world’s largest passenger terminal buildings (the largest when opened in 1998).  The airport is operated by the Airport Authority Hong Kong 24 hours a day and is the primary hub for Cathay Pacific (the flag carrier of Hong Kong), Cathay Dragon, Hong Kong Airlines, HK Express and Air Hong Kong (cargo carrier).  The airport is one of the hubs of Oneworld alliance, and also one of the Asia-Pacific cargo hubs for UPS Airlines. It is a focus city for many airlines, including China Airlines and China Eastern Airlines.  Singapore Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Air India all utilise Hong Kong as a stopover point for their flights.

Aug 9, 2022

[MSFS] - SimWorks Studios – Van’s RV–14/14A v1.3.2

 The RV-14/14A is the latest aircraft design from Van’s Aircraft, Inc. continuing and improving upon the legacy of the previous models. Created with the help of the manufacturer, the SWS RV-14/14A is a faithful recreation of the best kit aircraft in the market. A carefully created 3D model captures all the fine nuances of the aircraft’s construction, while detailed animations help bring it to life. Authentic sounds were recorded from the real aircraft. The flight model was created after flying in the real aircraft and put through scrutiny by RV-14 pilots, ensuring that the performance and feel is as close as Microsoft Flight Simulator allows.

[MSFS] - Swissmilsim – de Havilland Vampire DH–100 v1.0.0

 The de Havilland Vampire, also known as the DH.100, was the second military jet to be built in the United Kingdom by the de Havilland company. It entered service just after the Second World War and has the unique feature of being equipped with a twin-beam rear fuselage. It was the first jet aircraft to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and the first jet aircraft capable of operating from an aircraft carrier. More than 4,500 were built, some under licence, and used by about 25 different countries. Switzerland tested it in 1946, followed by an order for 75 aircraft in 1949 and the manufacture under licence of 100 aircraft. Originally acquired as a fighter, it was used until 1970 as a fighter and ground attack aircraft. It was then used as a training aircraft and target aircraft for the anti-aircraft warfare. The last military flights took place at the end of 1990, many of them were sold at auction and some still fly in various countries. The Vampire DH-100 underwent two major upgrades: the first in 1960 with the installation of an ejection seat and modernized instrumentation (artificial horizon and gyrocompass). The second in 1980 with the addition of UHF radio equipment and a transponder (IFF), which necessitated the lengthening of the nose, which became pointed like that of the DH-112 Venom of the time. The 1960s also saw the start of blind flight (IFR) for the Swiss Air Force. The existing direction-finding stations were supplemented by approach radar installations (GCA) and a very original omnidirectional talking radio system (NAFU). We intend to reproduce the operation of this system and thus provide our Vampires with blind flight and landing capabilities in a future update that we hope will also allow the engagement of the armament as realized in the P3D version.

[MSFS] -PYREEGUE Dev Co. – EGAA Belfast International Airport v1.0.0

 Belfast International Airport is the main Airport for the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The majority of flights from Belfast International are operated by easyJet, Northern Ireland’s biggest airline and Jet2. It features flights to many European cities and lots of leisure destinations. There’s also a variety of cargo routes to and from Belfast, since it’s also a big cargo hub of Northern Ireland. The airfield is shared with the Joint Helicopter Command Flying Station, Aldergrove and is considered home by many wild Gazelles that are based there. The area was replicated in great detail and features three helicopter-dedicated aprons.

Note: To remove static aircraft, rename the following files: * pyreeguedevco-airport-egaa-belfast\layout.json -> layout.json.static * pyreeguedevco-airport-egaa-belfast\layout.json.nostatic -> layout.json * pyreeguedevco-airport-egaa-belfast\scenery\aldergrove.bgl -> aldergrove.bgl.static * pyreeguedevco-airport-egaa-belfast\scenery\aldergrove.bgl.nostatic -> aldergrove.bgl

Aug 8, 2022

[MSFS] - PASI Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport v1.0.0

 Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport is located in the city of Sitka, Alaska in the US. The airport has a single runway 11/29 that is 2195x45M (7200 x 120ft) and is known for the unique location and approaches, with high winds and close proximity to ocean and a dormant volcano. Features:  • PASI (Sitka Airport) layout and buildings upgraded to 2022 • Custom Ground textures and wear • Accurate airport buildings • Reworked custom lighting • Custom reworked airport signs • Updated airport+runway terrain to match real world​ • Sitka Seaplane (No icao code, US FAA id: A29) added • Custom harbor models, breakwater and layout added and updated to 2022 • Seaplane dock added • New suspension bridge landmark connecting Sitka and Airport (Oconnell Bridge)